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Whether you're a seasoned camper or a newbie, let us help you to explore everything Florida has to offer! Our Travel Trailer camper rentals are the best value in Southwest Florida. They are loaded with amenities and have plenty of space for the family. They are fully-stocked with everything you need for your outdoor adventure. We offer full-service delivery, set up, and pickup at your preferred campground or event.

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Find the retreat you and your family have been waiting for. See for yourself why Florida has been ranked #1 in the country for family entertainment, with its breathtaking beaches, magnificent natural springs and rivers, and endless attractions. Who says vacation has to break the bank? See how camping with Platinum RV Rentals can help you make the the most memorable vacations!

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how to tow?

Towing safety is the most important thing next to having a great time. We want to make sure you get to your destination safe and ready to enjoy yourself. At Platinum RV Rentals, all of our travel trailers are equiped with the latest in weight distribution hitch technology. Easy and quick setup ensures you get going on the road safe & sound.

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