[RV Repair Services]

At Platinum Coach & RV, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service. In fact, we consider our clients to be family, which has proven to be true with our first-time customers ending up with us in the long run. Check out our services pages for all the repairs we offer. Listed below are the different motorhome and RV repair services we offer.

RV Awnings & RV Slideouts

We are your go to for awning and slideout repair. With our capable equipment, we can do anything from fabric replacements to seal, springs, track and motor replacements. We provide upfront dealer pricing on all brands.

RV Electrical Repairs

When dealing with an electrical issues it is best for a professional to come and test the problem. We have an electrical diagnosing process so we can safely find the problem and provide necessary corrections.

RV HVAC Repair & Install

We can inspect your RV's air conditioner for general wear and tear, remove debris, clean coils, test amp readings, and provide replacements. Air Conditioner repair is what we are known for.

RV Remodels

Our team are experts in woodworking and general construction and can repair, remodel, and rebuild whatever your RV needs may be. Rotted subfloors to dinged crown moulding, allow us to give your next project the care it needs.

RV Appliance Repair

Appliances often need repairs and maintenance especially in your motorhome. If you’re in need of an appliance tune up, our team can take care it for you.

RV Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repairs can include toilet maintenance, faucet repairs, showerheads, sink and drain covers, and fittings that connect to fixtures and pipes. If you think you have a plumbing issue in your RV we will inspect and make the necessary repairs.


& Satellite

What are we without our technology on the go. Our team Is capable of satellite repairs and Installs from Trav'lers, Starlinks, Wifi Extenders

AquaHot Service

 Oasis Service

We provide all services and repairs to all hydronic heating system brands Including AquaHot/ITR Oasis/Precision Temp

Services Include Annual Service Kits, Transfer Fluid Flushes, Pump/Hose replacements.

[rv mechanic]

(Mobile RV Mechanic)

We understand that it's essential for you to be able to trust your RV repairman. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and are wholly committed to standing behind our work. Rest assured, your vehicle will be in the hands of experienced, trained, and certified technicians.

[RV Technicians]

(Mobile RV Tech)

RV repair technicians are always dealing with complex tasks. When we provide inspections and or repairs it involves a precise hand. We want to make sure all adjustments are made properly. We have a special set of skills and knowledge so you can feel safe about getting your motorhome repaired with us. 

[RV shop]

(RV Repair shop)

Our RV shop is wherever you need it. Whether it's at your location or in our centrally located Fort Myers Shop. If you have a certain request about your RV call today and get an expert's opinion. A phone call takes a couple of minutes and could seriously save you a longer headache later.

What is a Class A Motorhome, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A Class A motorhome is an RV that is built on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. It has a special body structure, a raised roof, a front-engine design, and a large living area with permanent sleeping, kitchen, and bathroom facilities.

Advantages of Class A Motorhomes

● One of the main benefits of a Class A motorhome is the amount of living space. These motorhomes have spacious living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and sleeping areas.

● They are more luxurious than other classes of motorhomes. Class A motorhomes often have upscale amenities like fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, and outdoor kitchens.

● They offer a high level of comfort for the driver because the design provides extra living space and ample storage

● They are also quieter and smoother to drive than other RVs

● They are safer than other classes of motorhomes because they have a more sturdy frame and automotive components.

Disadvantages of Class A Motorhomes

● They are more expensive than Class B and Class C motorhomes.

● As a result of their longer size and bulky design, Class A motorhomes can be extremely uncomfortable to drive and maneuver, especially if the terrain is hilly or winding.

● They have lower gas mileage than smaller travel trailers.

● They can be difficult to park because they require more space.

What is a Class B camper van, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A class B camper van is a type of RV that combines the features of a traditional van with those of an RV. Class B camper vans are typically smaller than other RV types and are often built on a standard van chassis. They are designed for comfortable overnight camping and contain basic amenities such as beds, kitchen appliances, and storage for items.

Advantages of Class B Camper van

● They are easy to maneuver and park, even in tight spaces

● They use less fuel

● They are the least expensive RV

● The compact size of these camper vans makes them an ideal choice for small families

● They can be used as a regular vehicle

Disadvantages of Class B Camper van

● They tend to be cramped and offer less storage and sleeping space than larger RVs.

● Due to their size, they are not as comfortable and equipped with amenities as larger RVs.

● They cannot accommodate more than four people

What is a Class C motorhome, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Class C motorhomes are motorized vehicles built on a truck chassis and feature a cab-over sleeping area above the cab. They are mid-sized campers and offer a variety of floor plans, amenities, and sizes. They also offer a combination of features from both Class A and Class B models, making them a popular choice for those looking for a bit of extra space without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Class C motorhome

● They have more storage space and can accommodate more people than either Class A or Class B.

● They cost less when compared with Class A or Class B motorhomes.

● They consume less fuel than Class A RVs

● They can tow a car or a small trailer

● They are easy to drive and maneuver

Disadvantages of Class C motorhome

● They are not fuel efficient

● Difficult to store when not in use

What is a 5th wheel, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A fifth wheel is a type of  RV that is towed by a pickup truck. It is designed to be attached to the bed of the pickup and has a raised front section that allows for more living and storage space than other types of RVs. Fifth-wheel RVs are popular for their ample living space, as well as their ease of setup and use.

Advantages of a fifth wheel

● A fifth-wheel trailer provides improved stability while towing

● Fifth-wheel trailers offer more living space than other campers due to the design of their hitch.

● They have increased storage capacity due to their increased living space. They can provide larger closets, a full kitchen, and sometimes even multiple bathrooms.

● There are more features like washers, dryers, fireplaces, and entertainment centers, which are not always offered in other motorhomes.

● Its design makes it easier and safer to load and unload.

Disadvantages of a fifth wheel

● They often require larger, more expensive towing vehicles and can be difficult to find, making them more expensive than other trailer types.

● They are generally more difficult to maneuver and back up than other RVs.

● Fifth wheels require more time and effort to set up, particularly when it comes to connecting the trailer to the tow truck.

● They are often too large to fit in a typical driveway, making them difficult to park in residential areas.

What are the most respected RV Brands?

The most respected RV brands in the U.S are:

● Airstream

● Grand Design RV

● Newmar 

● Winnebago

● Entegra

● Renegade

● Fleetwood

● Tiffin

What are the different types of RVs?

The different types of RVs include:

➔ Fifth-wheel travel trailer

➔ Lightweight trailer

➔ Toy hauler

➔ Truck campers 

➔ Popup campers

➔ Expandable trailer

➔ Class A motorhome

➔ Class B camper van

➔ Class C motorhome

Why do people like to travel in an RV?

People like to travel in an RV because it gives them the freedom to explore new places and experience the beauty of nature while still having some of the comforts of home, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and bed. It also provides them with an affordable way to vacation and explores new places without having to worry about hotels or other travel expenses. Furthermore, you don't have to be concerned about leaving your pets at home because they can tag along in an RV.