What types of RV claims can an claims adjuster help with?

An RV can indeed experience a wide range of damages similar to those that a regular vehicle might encounter. Given their larger size and complex systems, RVs can be susceptible to various types of incidents and issues. Here's a breakdown of the potential damages and risks that RVs can face:

Just as with auto insurance claims, RV insurance can provide coverage for these types of damages and risks. Depending on the insurance policy you have, you can receive financial protection against repair costs, replacement expenses, and other related losses. It's important to have a comprehensive RV insurance policy that covers a wide range of scenarios to ensure that you're adequately protected while enjoying your RV adventures.

How does a claims adjuster review my RV insurance claim?

The following is a comprehensive overview of the claims process for RV insurance, detailing how it works depending on the nature of the damage and the involvement of insurance adjusters. This process is similar to that of standard auto insurance claims but adapted for RV-specific incidents.

This process ensures that the RV owner's claim is thoroughly reviewed, assessed, and handled appropriately based on the nature of the damage. Collaboration between the owner and the claims adjuster, along with the provision of detailed documentation, helps streamline the claims process and ensures that the RV owner receives the necessary assistance and coverage to repair or replace their vehicle after an incident.

At Platinum Coach & RV, we can provide you with a multitude of repairs do to collision and comprehensive damage. 

Body: Windows, Roofs, Mesa Siding, Trim/Accent Metal, Moldings, and more

Fixtures: Satellites, Air Conditioners, Vents, Solar Panels, Ladders, and more

Interior: Flooring, Subfloor, Wall, & Ceiling replacements and construction